ATTENTION We Need Your Life Juice

ATTENTION We Need Your Life Juice

You have been selected based on how much you wank. Since you wank more then most humans we want you to give us your cum. You must deposit it orally and when it travels down your throat and into your belly our micro nano bot technology will send it to our ship. I suggest you wank every other day that way you have the most semen you can give.

We need your semen to populate our planet since our life forms are dying off. No need to answer earthling just agree by wanking and putting your life juice onto a spoon and swallowing it.

We already beamed you up last night and planet the nano bot chip. How does your anus feel by the way. We dont even know why we always probe earthing’s but we do it anyway. I guess that’s our way of invading the human race. Through their butt holes.

Enough about anal probing lets get back to the task at hand. Speaking of hands get your cock into your hand and wank it. I will say pump up and you pump up and when I say pump down you pump down and when I say spit you spit on your cock

Remember when you cum if you want us to use your semen to save our planet just put it in your mouth and swallow we will do the rest

There is a secret message under the audio

Cock ready? Lets do this.

Pump up pump down pump up pump down speed on the head

Thank you for your deposit you just saved our planet

Thank you Mr Earthing! Thank you for your deposit. Seems you want to give more. I am very very grateful. I told my crew you were the best choice. You have all the skills needed to save us. You love wanking. You love to cum and you loving swallowing it.

Lets get more white goo into our starship. We need a big dose. So feel free to edge yourself as long as possible. Dont squirt the life juice out to fast. We want it think and we want it heavy.

Cock ready for action? I will lead you with my specific instructions

You are an awesome earthing thank you for swallowing your life juice so it beams up to our ship so we can survive

Oh wow my crew wants to thank you for all you are doing. We have used your semen to help populate certain parts of our planet. Hopefully you can give a big dose of life juice today. We need it. We have tasted some and oh wow it tastes great. You have really good cum and we love it.

We also love the texture. You have very nice life juice earthing. Very very nice

Make sure you edge nice and slow and you shoot on that spoon and you swallow it. It will beam up right when it hits the micro nano bot micro chip

Is your cock ready?

Give us the white life juice help us survive we will taste it once it arrives and use the rest to survive

You really want to go for a 4th dose? You are a mega earthing. You are our star. We love your semen. It is the best life juice on our planet. There is a button in your anus. We would like to request that you apply lube on your butt hole and probe it with your finger. Search for the button while you are wanking. We don’t usually share the secret button with earthing’s.

We inserted it so you can give yourself the highest pleasure. It is a reward for your great service.

Lube ready earthing? Cock ready? I will say pump it up and pump it down and add prob the butt. When I say probe the butt you slide your finger in and hunt for the button. Just gently push the walls and dig as deep as you can

You will know when you hit the button

Ready earthling? Lets do this!

Holy Wow earthing you are really giving us 5 doses? You must really love your anus button. Most earthing’s love pushing the anal button when wanking. We like it too since it makes the life juice extra think. We like thick and juicy life juice

I thrust that you know the drill by now. Remember apply plenty of lube on your anus and you spit on that cock head

Ready set lets do this earthling!

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