Cum Eating for the Beginner

Cum Eating for the Beginner

Cum Eating for the Beginner

If I heard it once I heard it a million times. You want to eat your cum then when you do cum you lose the urge. Well today that changes. I am going to direct you. For best results watch some porn while I am speaking. Id suggest cum compilations. Lots of cocks spurting yummy cummies and a girl or a guy eating it. If you see them have cum in their mouths then there is a better chance you will be OK with it in your mouth after you cum

So lets get started

No wanking yet, just playing with your butthole. Spit on your finger or use lube and listen to my mini repeater. You will eat your cum today but you must listen to all my instructions

wet that butthole and massage it. Let the fingers go in as the butthole looses up. Let them slide around the butthole and in a little. Make your butthole wet as needed. You need that butt hole slippery so the fingers go in nice and easy. No wanking till you have 3 fingers. Keep massaging and watch as your precum cums out of the head of your cock. When it does take your other finger and take a dab off and lick it off your finger. Keep doing this till you have the taste of yummy cummies in your mouth

Now that you taste the cummies, you dig the fingers in and slowly wank. I mean very slow. and when right when you are about to cum you stop wanking so a little spurt cums out then you eat that

listen to my mini repeater

wank a little, nice and slow, let the cum dribble then you taste it a little, taste the yummy cummies and become a cum slave for me, I want you to become addicted to yummy cummies, taste it, enjoy and and wank slow and stop right before you have an orgasm and you squeeze some cummies out and you eat them

Now for the grand finale.

You are going to wank at any speed and dig your butthole. As you cum you push those fingers in really deep and do not let your fingers out of your butthole till the cummies are all in your mouth. You want the big load, the big reward, you want to taste the bliss

wank a little, taste the cummies, enjoy, wank more and eat anything that cums out, ready to spurt the big load, ready to spit out your yummy cummies and eat it, you are so horny and you have no choice but to eat them

countdown starts now and when you cum you eat it, repeat everything I say

10 I love yummy cummies

9 cum is good

8 I want to taste the big load

7 I want to become a cum slave

6 digging my butthole triggers my cummies

5 when I push into my butthole I spurt tons of cummies

4 the cummies are cumming

3 here they cum

2 I am excited to eat my cum

1 cum and eat it, don’t think, just push your fingers in and let go right when you see cummies and you squeeze them out and put them in your mouth, go on let the cummies fly and you eat them, oh wasn’t that fun, feels better when you don’t waste the cummies doesn’t it, its official you are now my cum slave bye bye cumslut


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