Guiding Daniel to Stroke His Hard Penis

Guiding Daniel to Stroke His Hard Penis

Hello Daniel, this is your Goddess Lana.

Its best to listen naked with your cock erect Daniel. You will stroke it when I say stroke and you will stop when I say stop. Hands off Daniel did I say you could touch it. No I didn’t. Put your hands on your legs away from your cock. Your wife doesn’t deserve your white creamy juice. It is a treat just for you. I have control but you will be the one taking it just like a creamy juicy treat!

Obey your Goddess.

Now Daniel I want you to touch your cock while you listen to the moaning. Stroke nice and slow. This isn’t a race. Yes that’s it nice and slow Daniel till its hard as a rock. I have control and I am above you. You are lower then me. Now stop. If you see pre cum you must eat it. Obey me Daniel. Grab that cum with your finger and eat it.

Now grab that cock and milk yourself. Milk that hot load out of it. Taste it Daniel. Stroke stroke stroke. Faster. I want you to really get into it. Now stop. See precum? You know the drill. Eat it Daniel. It tastes good doesn’t it. Watch how these women eagerly wait for cum. You can have it anytime as it’s on tap. I want you to eat it for me. Obey your Cum Goddess.

Stroke your cock as you see the hot porn sluts eat cum. You want to do the same. You crave to eat your cum like they swallow load after load. You’re addicted to Porn and watching cum shots. Daniel, you want to eat your cum shot daily. You don’t orgasm when you have sex with your wife as that would be a waste. You save the cum for yourself. You want to eat your cum.

Now stroke it nice and slow and easy. That’s it nice and slow. Pinch some cum out and place it on your lips. Lick your lips while you stroke. Grip your cock and slide your hand very very slow up and down now stop. See how these women love to slurp up hot semen off their lips and swallow. You’re the same as these hot cum sluts. Daniel, you’re nothing more than a cum eating bitch. You need cum, you crave cum, you will eat your cum for your Goddess Lana.

Time for your countdown Danny boi as I countdown make sure you stroke that hard cock at your own pace. You will eat your cum this time. You will eat and swallow your cum this time. Obey me now. Don’t disappoint your Goddess. Get ready Daniel

10, you are my cum slut,

9, you love the taste of your cum,

8, you want to eat your cum,

7, you need to eat your cum,

6, your cum was made for you to eat,

5, Brittany isn’t worth your cum,

4, stroke that cock for your Goddess,

3, eating your cum is natural,

2, get ready for your hot load,

1 Cum Daniel cum for me and eat it. Eat it Danny boi. Eat it like you are my little bitch. You are a cum dumpster. My personal cum eating machine! Eat it bitch! Swallow it like a little whore! Its yours it is all yours!

Good boy, my cum slut.

Watch this daily and obey my words. I am pleased to know you eat your cum for me. You’re addicted to my voice and your hot load sliding down your throat. I will see you tomorrow for your next jerk off cum eating session.

Bye for now Daniel, my cum bitch.

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