Mommy Nurse Exams you and feels your balls need unloaded to feel better

Mommy Nurse Exams you and feels your balls need unloaded to feel better

I think I understand.

So what are you saying that you have some discomfort down there.

I could take you to the Hospital but I am a nurse after all and your mother so I should examine you.

You are over 18 so I think it should be ok if I take a look.

I know I havent seen down there since you were little but that should be ok.

Ive seen tons of cocks… all sorts of sizes so whatever size is ok with me.

What am I even saying.


Lets get those pants and underwear off.

Oh damn you got a nice long thick one.

Does it get bigger or.

I dont know why Im saying this stuff.

Pull that big meat hose up

hahaha and let me take a look at them balls.

Does that feel good on your meat hose honey.

Does my tender touch feel nice.

Seems someones meat hose is enjoying itself.

Id love to put it my mouth and suck it all day long.

What am I saying. Nevermind hahaha

Ok back to the balls.

WOW they are hanging low.

Ever teabag any girls with those balls.

I bet the horny ones wold love it! I know I would.

Im thinking the balls are Probably just full of cum.

Sometimes guys get sore ones if they dont cum enough.

When is the last time you came.

Oh thats probably the problem.

You need to get that cum out.

I should probably check your prostate first.

Bend over while I put a glove on.

Ill lube it up and insert a finger to make sure your prostate gland is ok.

Can you feel my finger wiggle.

Tell me if you like it.

Its easier to test there with 2 fingers. oh thats it.

Relax honey and enjoy it.

Dont pucker your butt up.

It will feel funny if you dont relax.

Thats a good boy.

Just relax and go with it.

Oh that meat hose is twitching a bit.

Well I need to do a few things to you before I can get your cum out.

mmm seems to be ok and your big fat cock seems to be dripping.

Probably because its full.

Ill put this aneros in to stimulate.

You might have a milk build up too.

Sliding it in now.

Oh you are relaxed it slide right in.

I think you like when I play with your butt.

You do have a cute butt.

Nice firm cute butt and a big fat meat hose.

I bet all the girls want to slap your ass and play with your oversized cock and balls dont they.

I might have to release the cum and milk today darling.

So the aneros is in.

Lets see what else can I do to help.

I bet this prostate massager will help.

Let me massage it a bit.

Do you like that.

I bet that feels great.

This is kinda making me horny.

I hope thats ok.

I think its that big fat meat hose you have there.

I havent seen one that big in awhile.

Ive been messing around with college guys and even went for some football players which were kinda big but not like yours.

Holy cow thats a nice one.

Can I stroke it a bit.

I want to feel your love muscle baby hahaha Oh wow thats nice and firm.

I can barely get my hand around it.

Oh yes stroking up and down.

Dont cum yet baby.

Save it.

Up and down oh yes up and down baby.

Oh mmm mmm Oh what am I doing back to the exam.

Does it make you horny that Im massaging your prostate.

The cummies and milk are dripping a bit so seems you are kinda liking it.

I am kinda creating a problem for you.

Im kinda increasing the milk and cum.

I just feel thats best.

That way we can just get it all out of there at once.

How does that sound.

Lets see what else can I do

Time to edge you a little to release some cum but not much.

We dont want too much pressure down there… we should let some out

Jerking you up and then down and then fast fast slow.

Lets do this for abit I think you like it.

Remember up then down then fast fast slow.

Say it with me as I jerk you.

Up then down and fast fast slow.

Yes thats it.

Oh nice a little came out.

Thats enough

Ill place this long black silicone uretheral sound inside you there to help things along.

Dont worry sweetie it wont hurt.

It will help stimulate the milk.

Your at that age that Im thinking you love stimulation.

Yea I think that did that trick

Oopsies the rod went all the way in.

Perhaps I can get it out.

close your eyes Mommy is getting undressed.

Im gonna have to suck the rod out with my pussy.

I have a super tight one.

Lay down in the table and Ill jump up on top and ride you.

You are going to have to cum multiple times.

You need to get all the cum out.

If you ever need help always ask Mommy I love helping guys get the cum out.

I bet I feel nice and tight when your big fat thick meat hose is inside of me.

Oh Mommy likes to fuck.

Oh Mommy loves to fuck.

Tell me you like to fuck.

Say the words to me.

Say I love to fuck.

Oh ok well then Ill get off and turn around and you can fuck the cummies out.

Shoot them in mommy you fucking studd.

Fuck me like you want the cum out.

Tell me you want to cum.

Tell me you want to cum deep up inside me.

Fuck me harder.

I know you can do it.

Oh Yes fuck me.

We will keep the plugs in and fuck.

We will fuck till the sun comes up.

We will fuck all night long.

We need to make sure all the cummies are out.

Once you cum ill play with your butt so you get hard again and then we will fuck again and again and again.

You are going to fuck all the cummies deep up inside mommy.

Oh ram that sucker in there.

Oh it doesnt hurt… it fucking feels fantastic.

Oh I can feel the loads popping oh your best dont stop.

Oh its squirting in me.

Holy fuck you are coming right out of that meat hose.

It feels so warm and gooey.

Im going to cum too.

Oh this is so fucking fun.

2 people fucking like rabbits all night long.

Keep fucking do not stop.


Oh this is going to be so much fun.

I cant wait to get that big meat hose way up deep inside me.

Its the only way.

Ill be able to get the rod out and get the cum and milk out all at the same time

Im super talented

Push it in and out deeper in and out let the cummies out keep fucking in deep then out oh this is so much fucking fun.

In more oh yes deeper yes then out then in and out lets keep going

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