Pimping You Out As A Sissy Pig To Farmers So I Get Free Sausages

Pimping You Out As A Sissy Pig To Farmers So I Get Free Sausages

Today you are my sissy pig play toy and I plan to do all sorts of things with you.

I’m going to dress you up like a sexy bimbo slave piggie bot. You will do as I say when I say or else.

As I’m making you pretty my cameras are taking random pics and they are getting stored. Once you decide not to let me do what I want they all get passed around the internet. I am very popular and they will get shared.

We have been doing this every day for a few weeks but today you now know you don’t have a choice anymore. Typically its easy doing something new but then its not new anymore and the pig decides not to. Well you don’t have a choice. In fact we are stepping things up a notch.

As you can see you are dressed different. You look like a cute country girl ready to suck big fat farmer cock. Oh you didn’t know that was a look. Well wait till you see their cocks up close. They are huge and you are going to learn how to suck today.

Look at them cute pigtails and pink lipstick. You are ready for action like a street corner whore.

Lets go on a trip to the local farm to buy sausages. You have to flirt with the farmers like a whore or I release your pics to the world. Do you understand me? Say Yes Goddess Lana I understand. Make your voice sound like a flirty whore. Say it again. That’s it.

Oh seems the farmers are out on the field working up a sweat.

Oh look at their muscles sissy pig bot.

Look at the big farmer boys working hard.

Pumping their muscles as they work.

Does it make your sissy clit tingle.

Is the sissy clit dripping at the thoughts of hard working farmer boys.

You are so fucking gay.

This is way to easy.

Want me to rub you a little so you approach them horny.

Ill turn you into a little horny whore.

A horny whore hahaha those words sound funny together.

Say “I’m a horny whore for big farmer boys.”

Hahaha Fucking yea you are.

Are you biting your lip thinking of their cocks?

Wave at them you little sissy pig tramp.

Yes that’s it wave and smile and bite your lip.

They can tell you are a suck machine.

You are a fucking piggie cumdumpster.

Do you understand me.

Say “Yes I understand Goddess Lana” Good

Tell the farmer you want some of his sausage.

Go on say it out load.

hahaha don’t mind her shes a fucking whore.

Can you give her your big fat sausage hahaha why are you blushing.

You know you want the big fat sausage.

This is way to much fucking fun that’s for sure.

Oopsies you dropped something.

Pick it up.

Did you really just wiggle your butt at the farmer.

He was starring right at your ass.

I bet I know a way to get free sausages hahaha he gives me sausage to eat and then he bends you over like a whore.

Hows that sound you fucking whore.

Sounds good to me.

Oh what are you so proud of? the farmer thought you looked like a skank.

You looked like a dirty whore.

A dirty filthy street corner whore.

The worn out from to many cocks kind.

Time to redo your make up.

You need to look pretty for the farmers.

I want free food.

The only way I will get it is if they shove their cocks in your holes.

I redo your make up and you look in the mirror.

Everything is pink from head to toe. You look like a pretty princess ready to suck cock and lick balls

Come on hurry hurry times a wasting

We will be meeting the farmers at the pigpen. They will be ready with their big fat swinging cocks and you will have to suck them

We are here. Oh look they laid out some hay for you to kneel on. Get over their sissypig. Get in position. Quit begging. Do you have money to pay for sausages? of course you don’t so you will work it off

Oh here comes the farmers. Look they are naked and I can smell their sweaty hanging balls from here. Oh and cummies are dripping out already. Look you can see them drip and see the splats on the wooden floor.

I think you better get on all fours. Let them cum in all holes. That way we will be done faster. They are giving me 10 pounds of sausages if I let them cum inside of you.

Oh that’s a kinky farmer he wants you to lick his butt. Is it smelly. hahahaha don’t make funny faces. Oh it made you gag hahaha

Oh the farmer behind you just spit on your ass hole and oh yes that it. He is sliding his huge cock in you. Oh and the other farmer turned around. You are being pit roasted. Shall I rub your penis a bit while you get rammed hahaha this is great. Oopsies he came in your mouth and you choked and it came out of your nose. Oh that’s so fucking funny. Oh the other came too

2 more farmers are ready. Its like they formed a line. One in your mouth and another in your ass. Pounding and humping. Oh there balls are so sweating and stinky holy fuck this amazing. I get free food and a free show. Every weekend you will do this for me and every weekend I get free food

All done. Oh wait stay still. Look at that guy standing outside. He is naked. He has to be about 7 foot tall. He is wearing a pig mask. I can hear him walking in from way back here. His feet are fucking huge and his cock is really long and fat. Wipe the cummies from your mouth so you look pretty for him

Be gentle at first mister then you can fuck him like a whore

Oh he wants his ball sack licked first. It like covers your whole fucking face hahaha stinky balls on your face

OK he is moving around you and he is sliding it in. Oh your eyes are getting nice and wide. Oh shit I bet that feels neat. Good thing for you is the other farmers already worked you in. I guess Ill be getting more free food. Oh he is being gentle. Speeding up a bit

You should see your face. Oink for him sissy pig. Yes oink and grunt as he starts banging you like a whore. Oh that’s so good. He is having a blast with your ass. I bet h has lots of cum built up and its going all up inside you

Ill jerk you as he pounds you

jerk up and down and oink and his big fat juicy cock goes in and out and again

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