Turning you into a Gay Homo Sissypig

Turning you into a Gay Homo Sissypig

Turning you into a Gay Homo Sissypig

Its your turn sissy faggot pig. Its your turn to stroke your sausage and dream of licking another pigmans sausage. You know you love the texture. Oink once if you are a sissy faggot and love big pigman sausages. Give me an oink oink pigman as you pump your sausage. Just think about how great it woul dbe having a pigmans big fat juicy sausage sliding against your lips. It would go in and out and you would taste and smell cock and balls. Pigmen are smelly and you love that smell. Spit on your sausage and make it stinky and dream of another mans stinky cockand balls

You are a jerk off loser. Oink and pump that sausage for me piggie. You fucking aggot. You fucking sissy cum dumpster. You want to suck big fat sausages and slurp up all the cummies. You know thats what you crave. just stroke and listen. Listen and cum to my voice. Wanna look at some big fat cocks while you jerk off. Go ahead put some porn on and dream you are sucking the big fat juicy cock. It would feel nice going in and out if your mouth wouldnt it piggie

You would gag on it too right? oink if you agree. On every down stroke oink. do it pig mam. Oink on every down stroke. You need to really feel like a pig. You are such a cock worshiper right pigman. hahaha ypou fucking oinked. You little bitch.

spit on the sausage and let that hand slide up and down and up and down and oink when that hand goes down. Yes thats it pigman. Oink like a pig cause you are just s pervert. Look at that cock and think about licking it. Lick your lips piggie lick them and stroke your cock. Feels so good being a gay faggot cocksucker doesnt it. Of course it does. Next time you listen you should dress up as a women and be a pornwhore pig. hahahahah thats so funny a pornwhore pig. Stroke and dream of that cock cumming down your pigman throat. It would go squirt squirt squirt and you would be like slurp slurp slurp. You are just a slurping gay faggot pig. Look at the cock. The texture is so dreamy. Does it make you feel horny. Does dreaming of sucking another mans sausage make you horny. Oink if it does. Well you should already be fucking oinking anyway. Oink on the downstrokes piggie

Cum countdown starting now

10 you are a gay ass sissy fucking fag pig and you want to suck a mans sausage
9 hows it feel to be stroking your sausage craving sausages
8 you fucking sausage lover hahahaha fuck are you simple
7 stroke and oink and stroke and cum to my voice
6 say I want to cum for Goddess Lana feeling like a gay ass sissy fag pig say it again again again fucking say it
5 you are a faggot you know that right
4 will the pig do something funny for me well you fucking better
3 when you cum smear it all over your belly really rub it in
2 you are going to rub the cummies in and smell like cum and spit and gross things
1 cum for me pig man. cum dreaming about another mans sausage in your mouth. Rub it on your belly and pretend you just got jizzed on by a manpig. Its sausage shot semen all over the pigs belly. The pig loves cummies on his belly. Id suggest someday you eat that cum for me. See it there all rubbed in. One day you will listen to this and you will eat it. You will fucking eat it like a fucking gay ass faggot pig. You understand me. Fucking oink when Im speaking to you. Oink you bitch faggot pig. You want the cum in your belly not on it. Say it with me. Say 1o times

I want the cum in my belly not on it again

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