Time for sissy Leah’s Transformation

Time for sissy Leah’s Transformation

Ok Sissy Leah time for your transformation
Get your pretty bra and panties on
You need to look hott for the big fat juicy black cocks. Those real men you can’t take your eyes off of.

Put the corset and fishnets on
The Black alphas are gonna pound you in the butt

Like this sissy Leah
In and out of your sissy cunt it will go

Each pump will make your boobies bigger and your butt bigger. You won’t be seen as a man anymore. No more silly worries about manhood again.
Black men love the big jiggly sissy butts to fuck and hump. They love hate fuckin a white sissy like you

If you get good enough ill pimp you out and make some dollars from your

I dont care which one they choose as long as you give me all the money
You get the yummy cummie rewards you dont need their money. I may reward you with new lingerie or a maid’s outfit you can wear while you clean my house. Won’t that be exciting?

Id suggest lots of buy the mouth hole get the butthole free deals
Ill give you coupons so you can suck the BBC then when its hard and
throbbing it can go in your butthole

Sounds fucking amazing doesnt it Leah. To spend the rest of your life as a sex toy for black men. My perfect little sperm bank.

They will inject you with so much BBC Goo and you will become more of their little whore

Leah the BBC Sissy Whore
Kinda has a ring to it doesnt it. I may even consider videoing your transformation. Would you like that? Being exposed online so literally everyone will see it?
I bet Hope would love to watch you being inseminated by a group of hard black Kings. See her ex “boyfriend” with big hormone titties bouncing up and down. Your big girly ass clapping ridin those cocks like hers did. She would laugh seeing the cum all over your face and dripping from your loose pussy. Hahaha
Leah the black cock slut couldn’t keep her satisfied.

You will be the BBC Sextoy
The Big Black Alpha men will play hump the sissy with you
I know you want to play their game.

They enjoy turning you addicted fag white boys into women.

Its easy just get in position
Head down and ass up. That’s the way they’ll hump your butt!

Brace yourself to be a cum dump

See that sexy Black Cock Leah
See how long it is
I see that look in your eye Leah

I think Hope saw the look in your eye too
She found other men because you wanted to be fucked, not fuck.
You wanted to BE her not be WITH her
You want to suck it dont ya

Lemme hear it

Good girl

Well first things first suck the dildo first

The longer you suck it The more cummies will shoot
We both know you love ropes of yummy cummie black cum.

Your face looking like a faggot glazed donut. Trying to see passed the sting in your faggot eyes. That familiar sting you love and hate

Its so ropey and thick like Batter
Think of it as your sissy medicine

Your hormone filled medicine that will change your body. Shrink your balls and clit dick. No bigger than a walnut. Your frilly panties with fit better too

When you’re passable I’ll take you to a bar in town where the bulls hang out and tie you up in the men’s room. Mouth and ass for rent

Ok time to spread your legs and inject you with femininity. Spread those fag cakes for me so I can give you this Goddess cum. Your sissy meds await.

Won’t it be exciting to have a girly body? A spade tattoo on your skin above your cute little button dick?

Oh sissy, your cunt is so tight. Don’t fight it.
Good girl, mmmm, so deep now
I want to see last remnants of masculinity leave your eyes. You’ll never have her back you know. Maybe you can get guys together someday. Get fucked holding hands like besties and giggle over how their cocks felt
Mmmm, good sissy. I’m balls deep now, You feel that in your sissy womb? I’m cumming inside you. Are you wishing it was a real man raping that tight fanny? Say it, say “This is who I am”
Leah Wilbanks the black cock hoe
Good girl.
Say “I wanna be a girl for sexy men”
Mmmm, that’s it Leah
One day you’ll be a real girl. But today you’re Leah the hoe.
Hope’s lonely ex boyfriend. Her pussy free fag friend
Oh my goodness fag boy, that was a big one hahaha
Now lets plug that pussy so that sissy making cum stays in there. You want big jiggly tits and a fat round ass don’t you? Good sissy girl. Now run off and take a long nap. You should notice the changes when you wake up
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